Driving Execution - Coaching Feedback Report

This resource and related products help participants create a personalized development plan based on specific goals, targeted needs and take action strategies related to building and sustaining a high performance team.

The Driving Execution Coaching Feedback Report can help participants:
  • *Value the unique contributions and perspectives of all team members
  • *Provide challenging assignments to team based on their interests and development needs
  • *Achieve a cohesive and mutually supportive team environment, defining success in terms of “we” not “I”
  • *Ensure effective team dynamics are in play – excitement, creativity, structure, analysis, participation, decision-making, interaction and experimentation
Virtual Coaching - With this purchase, you will receive personalized feedback from your Virtual Coach. The personal and confidential feedback will include goals, targeted needs and take action strategies specific to you. You will be contacted by email once your purchase is complete.

This resource is fully integrated with all TMSelect (assessments and guides), Virtual Coaching and Training and Development (workshops and webinars) products and services.

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