Competency Modeling

Linking High-Performing Talent with Business Strategy. 

Top-performing organizations share similar attributes, including talented employees aligned with company strategy. Identifying and defining key individual competencies helps to provide the framework for linking your talent with business goals. Competencies such as capabilities, actions, behaviors and personal branding characteristics – these are observable and measurable quantities that drive superior performance results. They forge a sustainable organization and ensure a competitive advantage in today’s rapidly-changing corporate environment.

However, the full benefit of competency modeling can only be realized if fully integrated into all your talent management practices from recruiting, onboarding, and performance management to employee development, leadership coaching, and succession planning. All of our products and services including Mobile Manager, Leadership Coaching, Talent Assessment, Talent Acquisition, Onboarding, Virtual Performance Coaching and others are fully integrated with the IMPACT Competency Model. Our
Competency Modeling services takes the hundreds of resources we have available and aligns or "maps" them to our clients existing model or builds a new model specific to the client based on strategy, market, leadership and culture.

Benefits of Competency Modeling
  • Improves the quality of talent hired.
  • Aligns individual and team behaviors with business strategy.
  • Enhances retention of the organization's top talent.
  • Better allocates training and development resources.
  • Builds deeper "bench strength" for future positions.
Products and Services 

All resources and tools listed above and the entire Competency Library are included with the purchase of the Competency Modeling Success Kit. You may also access the resources and tools separately by clicking the associated links above.

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