Mergers and Acquisitions

The success of any merger or acquisition effort is as much about the people and the culture involved as it is about the financials.  Research has shown that most mergers and/or acquisitions fail to achieve expected shareholder value because organizations do not put enough emphasis on people issues.

At TM Solutions, we accelerate the long-term growth of our clients by helping them understand, measure and manage the impact of human capital costs on the risks and value of any business transaction.  To accomplish this goal, we focus activities in eight areas of critical value: due diligence, risk management, cultural integration, workforce planning, leadership, assessment and selection, technology integration and communication. 
Our four step support model is outlined below which includes specific products that are available with or without consultation.  

 1. Pre-Deal

 2. Due Diligence

 3. Integration Planning

 4. Implementation

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Position Impact and Vacancy Assessment
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