Talent Card

In today’s complex world, Leaders need to be creative and resourceful in how they communicate and motivate their teams.  Many times we assume that everyone shares the same desires, motivations, commitment and pride.  One size does not fit all.  People are unique which brings both opportunity and challenge for leaders and organizations.  Becoming a success in business and in life, individuals need to understand this uniqueness and be able to adapt to multiple environmental and interpersonal situations.  

The Talent Card with Virtual Coaching helps leaders get back in the game by focusing on dialogue and empowerment rather than forms and policy.  With the Talent Card, leaders can engage their teams and improve performance right away versus waiting for long-term performance management or training processes to take place. 

How can the Talent Card help Leaders?

  • Enhance Productivity – Move fast and manage execution with individualized take action strategies ready to implement right away.
  • Improve Performance – Provide leaders with a framework for high impact dialogue to improve individual and team productivity, quality and efficiency.
  • Engage Teams – Strengthen relationships with your team through understanding and individualized motivation. Employees leave leaders not organizations.
  • Develop For The Future – Build a high performance team by leveraging individual and team strengths and minimizing liabilities.

Start Today!

As an experienced or an emerging leader, ask yourself several questions:
  1. Do you understand what makes each of your employees tick?  Is it money, status or reputation, growth opportunities, control, autonomy, or is it something else?
  2. Do you know what they value, what are their interests, likes and dislikes?
  3. Are you aware of their wants and needs, natural strengths or potential liabilities?
  4. Do you understand their communication style, hot buttons and sensitivities?
  5. Can you provide coaching and guidance to each employee on how to improve productivity or quality of work or team effectiveness? 
  6. Can you do this in a matter of minutes and “on-the-fly?”

If you honestly answered no or not sure to any of the questions above and you want to add value to your organization, take advantage of the Talent Card with Virtual Coaching today. 

How can the Talent Card help Leaders and Employees?
  • Enhance Personal Effectiveness – Leverage strengths and preferences to increase confidence and improve ability to work effectively in multiple environments or situations.
  • Strengthen Relationships – Reduce conflict and communication barriers with others by understanding their unique needs and interpersonal drivers.
  • Expand Influence and Flexibility – Improve ability to read and influence others by connecting to their values, interests and motivational drivers.
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence – Gain a greater understanding of unique personal brands for self and others, leveraging strengths and minimizing liabilities associated for each.

Start Today!

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