Virtual Coaching

One Year of Personalized Coaching for $65

What if you had a master coach and trainer available each day to help you make better decisions, manage priorities, achieve desired results, build stronger relationships, overcome an obstacle, or become a better leader?  What if the information you received was personal, confidential and objective feedback specific to you and your situation? 

Coaching should not be exclusive to executives,leaders and key contributors.  In today's difficult marketplace, with the pace of change, use of technology, and lean operating budgets (personal and business), success or failure is contingent on access to timely, affordable, and relevant performance and development feedback.  Coaching is what separates true professionals from the rest of us.

What’s Included
  • Two self-assessments – personal branding and strengths.
  • Daily feedback and coaching strategies for one year personalized to each individual based on their unique preferences, natural strengths and potential liabilities.
  • Access to hundreds of free personal effectiveness and leadership downloads.
  • A copy of the e-book Playing the Game of Life: The Art of Success or Failure.
  • Creates a daily-mindset (2 minutes) for Reflection, Commitment and Action
  • Builds self-awareness and self-confidence by understanding natural strengths
  • Turns challenges into opportunities by minimizing weaknesses and leveraging strengths
  • Builds stronger relationships by expanding influence and demonstrating value to others
  • Enhances problem solving and decision making skills
  • Promotes professional career growth by developing capabilities
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For other high impact/low cost coaching programs starting at
11 cents a day visit Daily Strategies and Commitments.

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