Playing the Game of Life

TITLE:  Playing the Game of Life:  The Art of Success or Failure
RELEASE DATE (Edition 1):
December 3, 2015
RELEASE DATE (Edition 2):  October, 14 2016

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"This is a fantastic work from Rob Pulley, one of the brightest minds in developing teams for better collaboration, productivity, and engagement.  I have seen his work first-hand, seeing the effectiveness of adhering to your foundation and purpose, being true to developing your personal brand at work, as well as perhaps his greatest value, being accountable for your own attitude and actions when faced with deadlines, pressure, or conflict.  Furthermore, he places a premium on building trust and understanding in your professional relationships, creating an optimizing effect on the work we must accomplish with teams in the modern workplace.  The guidance found in Playing the Game of Life is a refreshing turn in a world where too many of us expect success to fall into our laps.  Mr.Pulley helps his readers to define success on their own terms and work with others to achieve it."

- Brian Castle, Director of Global Marketing, Thought Leader Select

"Thank you very much for sharing your latest book:  Playing the Game of Life, The Art of Successor Failure.  The tools you provide in your this masterpiece will help me win in life and business.  Thank you so much for your great knowledge on how to leverage my strengths to get the most out of my most valuable resources, my team members."

- Tony Callaway, Executive Director, Accessible Home Care of MidCarolina


The secret to survive and thrive in this life, regardless of your background, intelligence, family connections or education is to know that every hand is a winner and every hand is a loser.  Success in any endeavor in life is not necessarily based on the cards you have in hand; your success will depend upon how you play the game.

What separates true professionals, real leaders and other successful people is that they continuously work to grow and learn by playing the game.  They leverage strengths, develop new strengths and minimize weaknesses.  They have more cards to play and their weaker cards are stronger than the average person’s best cards.

This book was inspired by the traditional deck of playing cards, diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades.  Diamonds represent areas of personal effectiveness such as sense of purpose, confidence, personal branding and change readiness.  Clubs represent areas such as decision making, accountability, creativity and planning.  Hearts represent relationships, influence and emotional intelligence.  Finally, spades represent leadership, motivating others, team building and driving execution.


Life is full of ill-advised solutions because we are working on problems from the outside-in.  Organizations, leaders, trainers, and technology often focus on what, how and who, not the why.  We overcomplicate processes, systems and people – we overthink and we overanalyze – asking the wrong questions and blaming others for outcomes and circumstances.  This book takes an inside-out approach by focusing on each individual and their unique circumstances.  The solution to any problem lies within each of us. 

There are no magic pills in life.  Technology, metrics, managers, trainers, coaches, teachers, counselors and parents do not control success or failure for others.  They may guide them to the door or show them a pathway but individuals must open the door, walk through it, and be accountable for playing the game.  This book, along with a personal Virtual Coach, will help readers play the game by providing them with personal Start, Stop, Do More, or Do Less take action strategies based on their unique needs and goals. 

To Live You Have to Play the Game

To Play the Game You Have to Care

If You Care You Have a Reason to Never Give Up


This book is unique because it combines a western philosophy of sheer opposites – winning or losing, right or wrong, success or failure – with an eastern philosophy of balance and complementary forces.  The Development Cards along with the western and eastern models provide a basis for individuals to understand their journey, what’s working well, what’s not, and most importantly, why. 

This book will also live and change with the reader.  Throughout our lives, our priorities, goals, roles and organizations change.  As a result the associated challenges we face and the cards we need to play change.  To overcome these challenges, individuals need personalized take action strategies based on their unique preferences, natural strengths and potential liabilities.  The resources in this book and the Virtual Coaching readers will receive will be relevant to them, affordable and timely.  The book is a personal guide for success built on failure and wisdom. 

  • Demonstrate Adaptability – Leverage strengths and preferences to increase confidence and improve ability to work effectively in multiple environments or situations.
  • Develop Capabilities and Add Value – Become a real asset to the organization and a true professional by developing capabilities and adding value to those important to them.
  • Strengthen Relationships – Build trust, resolve conflict and remove communication barriers with others by understanding their unique needs and interpersonal drivers.
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence – Gain a greater understanding of unique personal brands for self and others, leveraging strengths and minimizing liabilities associated for each.
  • Achieve Desired Results – Improve performance by implementing personalized take action strategies to improve production, efficiency and quality.
  • Become a Better Leader – Become a genuine leader, not one of authority or title, but one who leads through trust, respect, communication, accountability and excellence. 
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