Strategies for Leading Change

In today’s fast-paced world, change is a required part of staying competitive.  Learning how to introduce change and effectively move through it rapidly helps keep everyone focused on the goal of business and individual achievement rather than getting distracted by the change process.  This program provides leaders and HR  professionals strategies to help initiate, implement and champion organizational change efforts.

Learning Opportunities / Real World Application
  • Define and implement a successful change initiative.
  • Assess the change readiness of individuals, teams and organizations.
  • Recognize and address causes for change resistance in individuals and teams.
  • Communicate effectively to minimize resistance to change.
  • Assess and adapt your leadership style to effectively lead a change process.

Program Formats
Live Group Workshop
Live Group Webinar
Live Coaching Session
Self-Learning (Coaching Kit)
Virtual Coaching: Ambiguity, Providing Direction, Motivating Others, Trust & Influence, Role Model, Awareness & Confidence, Risk & Uncertainty, and Change Readiness.

All Strategies for Leading Change programs including online learning, live or virtual coaching, and group workshops or webinars are personalized for each participant based on their unique needs. See TMSelect, Virtual Coaching, Demonstrate Adaptability or Become a Better Leader to learn more.

All programs include a Coaching Kit and Virtual Coaching for one year.  For pricing or general information about the program or program formats,
Contact Us.

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