360 Feedback

An instrumental part of any robust leadership development program, 360 Feedback tools are multi-rater feedback surveys of individuals on your management team. These assessments deliver constructive feedback of personal performance and perceived capabilities from all key stakeholders – upline, downline, peers and customers. Reviewing the results will help you to gain a new perspective on personal assets, development needs, hidden strengths and blind spots.

Our 360 Feedback products are fully integrated with all Leadership Coaching and Workshops, OnDemand Coaching, Talent Development and Talent Management products and services. 360 products and services include:  

  • 360 Leader. A multi-rater feedback survey for your leadership team.  

  • 360 Select. A competency-based 360 feedback survey focused on key organization and position success and leadership factors. Includes management feedback report and presentation, one-on-one coaching debriefs, and a Personal Growth and Success Guide or Leadership Guide.

Confidentiality - We ensure the confidentiality of each survey to encourage honest and objective responses, as we want each individual to receive the clearest picture possible of their current performance and development needs.

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