Assessment and Selection

If you have adequate resources for generating candidates but would like to fine tune your assessment and selection process to ensure optimum fit, we have the answer. Using the IMPACT Competency Model, Question Bank and the TMSelect product suite, we can unlock the 4C’s of effective talent assessment and selection:

Capability – Asset Factors 

Is there the knowledge, skill, ability and experience necessary to succeed in the desired position?

 Consistency Performance Factors

Is there a demonstrated track record of success?

 CommitmentMotivational Factors
Is there a compatibility of needs between the candidate and your organization (wants, needs, interests, etc.)?

 Connection Interpersonal Factors

Is there a human connection between the candidate and your team members? 

TMSelect combines the art of the interview process with the science of the assessment process ensuring our clients hire, develop, and promote the very best talent available. These research-based assessment processes and tools minimize hiring mistakes, lower overall hiring costs, and improve organizational performance.

To learn more about assessment and selection, checkout the following Free resources - Benefits of Successful Hiring, Competency-based Recruiting, Damaging Hiring Mistakes, Hiring Well is Tricky, Improving Expertise and Capabilities, and Organization Fit vs. Position Fit.  

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