Onboarding Services

At TM Solutions, we employ proven methods and invaluable assessment and development tools such as TMSelect, Talent Card and Virtual Coaching to integrate new employees and leaders into client organizations. Onboarding Services should be a natural extension of your assessment and selection process and it should also seamlessly transition into your performance management and talent development processes.

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What’s the difference between New Hire Orientation and Onboarding?  Orientation is a transactional and event-focused process conducted by administrative and support staff. Onboarding programs, on the other hand, are personalized, targeted development and engagement opportunities conducted by the manager and peers, supported by administrative staff. Onboarding is designed to strengthen relationships, address development needs, and enhance productivity right away. In reality, most companies don’t address these three key areas for at least six to twelve months, truly a missed opportunity for driving engagement and productivity.

When working with a new employee or manager, we leverage their strengths and minimize their potential liabilities using an assimilation process in the context of situational, cultural and political realities of the hiring organization. Assimilation involves engaging the participant with all of his or her key internal stakeholders right from the start, paving the way to impactful interactions through trust and understanding. Onboarding can set the participant up for success by:
  • Developing a personal brand and strategy
  • Establishing personal credibility and expanding influence
  • Adapting their interpersonal, communication and leadership styles
  • Uncovering potential landmines and obstacles
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