TMSelect combined with Virtual Coaching is the most comprehensive product available today for leading, engaging and developing the organization's most valuable asset, talent.  TMSelect is an unbeatable resource for organizations that understand the value of developing sound talent management solutions.

TMSelect is an assessment tool that measures individual preferences, likes, dislikes, potential liabilities and natural strengths related to 152 personal brands, 52 motivation factors and 52 competencies.  The order of preferences and intensities (strength) of these 256 variables create a unique Personal Brand for each individual.  Like DNA, no other individual will have the exact pattern and intensities.  Although there may be many people in the world that will have similar patterns and intensities, none will have exactly the same.

TMSelect products have many applications including leadership coaching, training and development, assessment and selection, team building and conflict management (See Applications below).  All TMSelect products are fully integrated with one another which allows our clients to take advantage of hundreds of different live coaching, virtual coaching or self-development activities that are on-demand and relevant to each leader and employee based on changing situations.

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Products & Services

Daily Strategies and Commitments

Virtual Coaching

Personal Brand and Strengths Summary

Peer Card

Talent Card

Coaching Guide

Personal Growth and Success Guide

Leadership Guide

Assessment Report


 Performance Mapping



 Leadership Style

 Key Drivers



 Personal Credibility

 Personal Brand


 Approach to Conflict

 Communication Style

 Leadership Development

 Performance Assessment

 Development Needs

 Values and Interests

 Performance Improvement

 Organization and Jot Fit

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