Leadership Coaching

Many leaders and individuals believe coaching is simply a tool to correct poor performance.  Don’t be misled by this common belief.  Just like the world’s best athletes, the world’s best organizations and leaders understand the impact great coaching has on performance and achievement. 

Leadership Coaching Methodology

Our highly training coaches will serve as your professional coach, accountability partner and on-demand resource to guide you through the steps to performance excellence.  We begin our journey with a Leadership Checklist and TMSelect assessment which creates a personalized Leadership Guide, Personal Growth and Success Guide or Personal Brand and Strengths Summary.  These resources provide the framework to help you understand your full potential in any relevant development area.  We then use Virtual Coaching, Coaching Kits, Competency Library, and Live Coaching to help you realize your full potential in the real world in any context and situation.

Below is an outline for our two most popular coaching packages.  The first package is the Personal Effectiveness Series.  This is for individual contributors, new leaders, or experienced leaders who want to fine tune their personal effectiveness and personal brand.  The second program is the Leadership Series which is for leaders who have five to ten years of experience and want to enhance their leadership capabilities and improve team effectiveness.  All products and services above can also be purchased separately.   

Both coaching packages can either be a three (3) month, six (6) hour program or six (6) month, twelve (12) hour program.  In addition to the live coaching time, the client will receive four Coaching Feedback Reports.  The programs, time frame and total hours can be modified to meet the needs of our clients.  All hours are dedicated and focused one-on-one coaching time and personalized to each client.

Personal Effectiveness Series

Leadership Series

In addition to these programs, we also offer stand-alone programs with our
Leadership Workshops and do-it-yourself Coaching and Workshop KitsTo learn more about these programs and/or pricing information, please Contact Us.