Succession Planning

Rapid change. Global economic pressures. Aging boomer population. These factors and many more raise the hurdles your organization must encounter when backfilling key positions – often on short notice. By the year 2020, 64 million people (40 percent of the U.S. workforce) will be poised for retirement. The resulting talent gap will have a significant impact on the future sustainability of every American enterprise. By implementing a sensible succession planning process, you can provide your organization with a leg up in the race for long-term viability.

We use a five step process that takes advantage of key products and services including the TMSelect product suite, Talent Assessment Surveys, Leadership Checklist, Virtual Coaching, Leadership Workshops and Leadership Coaching.  With an effective succession planning process, organizations can  - enhance bench strength for key positions; ensure continuity of operations; retain key talent; and enhance future opportunities.  

Five Step Succession Planning Process


Products and Services 

To learn more about leadership development and succession planning, checkout the following Free educational resources - 15 Factors Driving Organizational Strength, Importance of Leadership Development, Organizational Performance Model, and Strengthening Leadership Teams.

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