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Save time, stay compliant, develop and implement best practices and build your HR knowledge base with TMS Online. TMS Online provides your organization access to critical HR tools and resources that can help you effectively manage your workforce, improve productivity, reduce costs, and minimize risk. 

TMS Online includes hundreds of tools, resources, checklists, guidelines and helpful tips divided into 10 Centers (Assessment, Best Practices, Compensation, Compliance, Development, Engagement, Leadership, Performance, Policy and Recruiting). Each center is a collection of valuable tools by category that will empower you and your organization to make better decisions and to maximize the value of your human resources. We offer three access levels to meet the needs of your business - Basic, Basic Plus and the all-inclusive Professional. The annual fee provides access to all the tools and resources within each respective center with unlimited downloads.  

Our three access levels and associated centers are listed below:
  1. Basic includes five (5) centers - Best Practice, Compensation, Compliance, Leadership and Policy.
  2. Basic Plus adds three (3) additional centers - Engagement, Performance, and Recruiting for a total eight (8). 
  3. Professional adds our two (2) final centers - Assessment and Development for a total of 10 centers. 

If you are interested a self-guided tour with preview access to the centers, Contact Us.

Don’t waste any more time chasing answers to your HR questions. All these tools and resources can be at your fingertips if you sign-up for TMS Online