Virtual Performance Coaching

Performance, leadership, personal effectiveness, and career coaching is no longer limited to senior level executives or those with deep pockets.  Virtual Performance Coaching with OnDemand Coaching and Coaching Feedback Reports provides organizations, leaders and individuals at all levels with personalized performance and development coaching that's relevant, timely and affordable.

Organizations today recognize that managing profitability, maximizing productivity, developing capabilities, and strengthening their leadership team is contingent on a sensible investment in their people.  In addition to organizational benefits, leaders and individuals want coaching to help them demonstrate adaptability, make better decisions, and achieve desired results.  Individuals and leaders want access to performance coaching when they need it and relevant to them, their situation, and their personal and professional goals.

Like DNA, each individual in the world is unique - natural strengths, weaknesses, goals, interests, and preferences - requiring personalized take action strategies, not a one size fits all approach provided by most organizations.  By completing a TMSelect™ assessment, individuals create a unique ID and are assigned a personal Virtual Coach.  Their Virtual Coach is available ondemand to provide them with Start, Stop, Do More, or Do Less take action strategies based on their request.

The strategies provided by their Virtual Coach through a personalized Coaching Feedback Report will stretch individuals out of their comfort zone in order for them to learn and grow.   Learning and growing is a combination of reflection, understanding, and action - what's important, what's working well, what's not working well, what to say and do differently in situations, what words to use, what questions to ask, what to avoid, what to address, etc. 

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Why Important for Organizations

Most organizations adequately manage performance. They set performance objectives, define key metrics, and conduct periodic assessments (monthly, quarterly, annually). What's missing is called the "performance gap." 
The performance gap is the time between the planning and assessment phases - the time where teams and individuals are actually doing their work, developing products, engaging customers, collaborating on teams, managing projects and programs, delivering products and services.  What type of ongoing, practical and timely performance feedback is actually taking place beyond the discussion of metrics, weekly staff meetings, or praise/blame assessments?  Performance feedback such as how to improve production and results, the quality of work, productivity, relationships, cross-functional collaboration that is unique to each individual.  Unfortunately, the performance gap area is where most organizations and leaders may have good intentions, but in reality are just paying lip service.

Most organizations, both big and small, simply cannot deliver on-demand performance coaching in-house to their managers and teams, due to issues relating to bandwidth, expertise, and cost.  Furthermore, individual managers have the same challenges relating to capacity and know-how, as well as the fact that many of them are elevated functional experts, rather than performance coaches. 

Today, it is possible to move beyond senior level executive coaching, as well as close the performance gap, by providing cost effective, timely OnDemand Coaching and Coaching Feedback Reports to all employees.  Through this integration of technology, tools, and best practices in talent management, organizations can now deliver many different types of high-quality coaching sessions to any employee - exactly when they need it.  

Real World Application

No matter the challenge, be it capacity, priority, expertise, or cost, companies can meet their objectives in talent management when they have the right tools for success. That's where Virtual Performance Coaching comes into the equation, equipping executives, managers and team members for multiple scenarios:
  1. You are onboarding a new employee and want to create a targeted development plan from day one, not 6 to 12 months later.
  2. You or your support group (manager, mentor, coach, HR rep, etc.) has identified a development need and you want to identify possible causes for the deficiency.
  3. You are coaching someone and want some ideas on how they can improve their personal effectiveness (production, quality of work, and productivity), communication, interpersonal skills, or leadership.
  4. You are conducting a performance review discussion with an employee and want some suggestions, talking points or strategies.
  5. You received some general feedback from others and want something more specific and targeted. You want to identify the “real need.”
  6. You are creating a development action plan for yourself or team member and want to do more than attend a webinar or workshop.
OnDemand Coaching and Coaching Feedback Reports offer high impact coaching content and strategies spanning 1800 personalized reports in six categories - Demonstrate Adaptability, Achieve Desired Results, Build Stronger Relationships, Make Better Decisions, Become a Better Leader, and Develop Capabilities.  Each OnDemand Coaching and Coaching Feedback Report provides objective and unbiased feedback that is personalized and relevant for each employee.

Taking this holistic approach, Virtual Performance Coaching helps companies develop the complete employee - molding better leaders, people who are better prepared to meet current and future organizational and market challenges. 

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